Season 2

Season 2 | StoryTANK video interviews gathering researchers and story specialists, facing experienced screenwriters

Ten researchers and story specialists, facing four experienced screenwriters and two interviewers, all filmed by Les Parasites – creators of L’Effondrement (The Collapse): here is the cast composing this second StoryTANK season – the European Think Tank bringing together screenwriters & researchers.

Atiq Rahimi
Massamba Guèye
Nicolás Buenaventura
Jacqueline Thompson
Matthieu Taponier
Moussa Sène Absa
Christophe Recasens
Christelle Berthevas – interview post-Season2
Anaïs Goudmand
Ralf Schmälzle
Frédéric Lambert
Matthieu Taponier – interview post-Season2

The function of stories is to bring communities together through visions, emotions or imaginary shared constructions. And films, series, video games… globally, the stories propelled by moving images, have become the engine creating the representations and projections of our societies. For better, yet sometimes for worse.  

Indeed, the massive exportation of standardized Hollywoodian creations over the world – films made for the box-office that enhance arms, brutality, violence and super heroes – are problematic. The art of storytelling is much richer than what this globalized cinema offers.  

Our challenge – as writers & filmmakers – is to explore how the spectrum of storytelling possibilities and cultures can help rebuild a new humanism. An attempt at redefining “what is a story” becomes a fundamental lever in the manufacture of meaning, and a humanist tool in a world facing huge transformations.

The strength of Europe lies in its multiculturalism, secularism, the singularity of real-life individual experiences, the integration of social criticism in individual stories… And beyond Europe, other storytelling traditions can help us understand how the game of shaping a story can be an incredibly powerful tool to celebrate life more than power & violence.  

This is why, StoryTANK’s second season opened its microphone to story specialists from Africa (in partnership with ‘La Saison Africa 2020‘), Middle East, Amazonia and Pre-Socratic Greece, and also to researchers in Narratology, Anthropology, Psychology and Neuroscience.

From July 2021, filmed interviews will be broadcasted on our YouTube Channel, stay tuned!