[JACQUELINE THOMPSON] Why do we all need stories?

Jacqueline Thompson (UK): Interview of the Researcher in Social cognition, PhD in Experimental Psychology / Oxford

StoryTANK | Season 2

|| Featuring ||
Christelle Berthevas. Screenwriter (France)
Pierre Hodgson. Screenwriter & Script-consultant (UK)
Ralitza Petrova. Screenwriter & Filmmaker (Bulgaria)
Matthieu Taponier. Screenwriter, Editor & Hellenist (France)
Antoine Le Bos. Screenwriter, Founder & Codirector of Le Groupe Ouest (France)
Atiq Rahimi. Novelist, Screenwriter, Filmmaker & Playwright, Goncourt Prize (Afghanistan)

She received a BA in Cognitive Science from Yale University and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. Her previous areas of research have focused on numerical/spatial cognition and individual differences in social cognition.

She is currently working on the psychology of aesthetics, creativity and arts (on transport), and on the differences between “real” and “fiction”.

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