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StoryTANK team behind the videos & podcasts

Conception & Coordination Team
Philippe Barrière – Screenwriter, Script consultant
Samira Bourgeois – PhD. Human factors, Neuroergonomics & Psychology – Université de Paris
Eléonore Duhennois – Artist & Trainer in innovative pedagogies
Pierre Hodgson – Screenwriter, Script consultant
Antoine Le Bos – Codirection. Le Groupe Ouest
Charlotte Le Vallégant – Codirection. Le Groupe Ouest
Bénédicte Mellac – Training & Development. Le Groupe Ouest
Ollivier Pourriol – Writer, Screenwriter, Philosopher, Founder of Cinephilo
Atiq Rahimi – Novelist, Screenwriter, Filmmaker
Moussa Sène Absa – Screenwriter, Filmmaker
Matthieu Taponier – Screenwriter, Script consultant, Editor

Videos & Podcasts Team
Jérémy Bernard – Cameraman
Guillaume Desjardins – Cameraman
Lucas Goix – Sound Engineer
Arnaud Huck – Cameraman
Reha Simon – Cameraman
Oren Tual – Cameraman

Gabriel Brunet-Sanz – Subtitling, Editing
Guillaume Desjardins – Film directing, Editing
Maxime Hémery – Editing
Alexandra Lacroûte – Subtitling, Editing
Antoine Le Bos – Artistic Direction
Fañch Le Bos – Subtitling, Editing
Maina Le Gars – Coordination
Oren Tual – Subtitling, Editing
Celia Canning – Transcription, Translation
Alain Monrigal – Reviewing, Sub-editing

Atelier 7
Le Groupe Ouest